Alternative coloring and Image background color


I wanted to simple create a report with alternative background colors. Which I could achieve easily. Now I have a column in this report which is supposed to display image. Based on value from the data field a red or green or blue icon is displayed in this column based on expression. Which is also working fine. Now the problem is after I place an image in this details column (with or without expression). the alternative row coloring stopped working. its always white. I even tried creating a colored background image and still its not helping. Can some one help me out please?

This is expression I have used

=iif(RowNumber(Nothing) mod 2 = 0,Switch(Fields!StatusFlag.Value=10,"red_bg",Fields!StatusFlag.Value=20,"yellow_bg",Fields!StatusFlag.Value=30,"green_bg",True,"Blank")

red_bg is image is background color while red20x20 is with transparent background. but its not helping...l

If the question is still not clear, please let me know....

Thanks a lot.



  1. But seeing that all you need is a circle, what I would suggest is to write the letter L, change the font to Wingdings (this will give the circle) and then increase the font size still the circle is of your required size. You can change font color to whatever you want, even based on expression. And now the background color should be the same as for other rows. This should work for sure. This would be light on the reporting server also as you are using fonts instead of images.

    1. Sorry for a very very delayed reply. But it worked. Thanks Jason.